First Two Sisters Post

A Tale of Two Sisters

Who are we and where the heck have you landed?!

Well we’re two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean but that doesn’t get in the way of us loving life, our family and each other!

The older (yet shorter) of the two, call me Kat. I’m a marketer, a food blogger, a lover of hot yoga, travelling and my children. I’m constantly looking for new things to whip up, cook and eat. Because what greater love is there than the love of food? I’m on the British side of the Atlantic and enjoy baking anything and everything, Italian and Mexican food and always trying a new recipe at least twice.

The younger, taller of the two, call me Desiree’. I’m a Compliance Specialist (but don’t let that put you off). I love living in the country, doing DIY, makeup tutorials, my children and life in general. Of the two of us, I haven’t left my roots, Florida, the south. I love southern food, creating new things, art and drawing. Plus, I’m always the comic relief.

We really hope you like the blog. If you want us to feature a recipe, a pattern, a craft. Just send us a message and we’ll share it with literally the whole world…well at least England and Florida!

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