Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, it’s no wonder why eating them takes it away!

Of course we aren’t advocating eating an entire cake, everything is good for you in moderation. We just like to bake and therefore find ourselves making any excuse to eat what we’ve made. It’s Autumn / Fall for all you Americans and we have a few favourite recipes here in my house. Just wanted to share a few with you.

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe - International Sisters

This isn’t exactly our family recipe, but I think our mother would kill us if we gave that away so soon. So we found one that was absolutely luscious from So Says Sarah. It’s the perfect recipe in America with yummy graham crackers, smooth cream cheese and delicious pumpkin. The only changes you need to make to prepare this in the UK is substitute digestive biscuits with a bit of cinnamon for the graham crackers in the crust. You also need to make sure you change all the measurements from Imperial to Metric and use exact portions or it may not come out tasting as it should. If you give this recipe a go, we can promise there will be no leftovers!

Egg Nog Cheesecake Bars

Desserts - Egg Nog Cheesecake Bars - Recipes
Grab that napkin and wipe the drool away. Yes these are just as delicious as they look. I love to drink Egg Nog during the holidays and have to settle for making my own since it isn’t sold in the shops here like it is in the US. These bars definitely cure my craving. I found this recipe on What’s Up Cupcake’s Blog. If you are looking for a food to get you in the mood for the season, this is definitely the one.

Chocolate Truffle Tart with Whipped Vanilla Mascarpone

Dessert Recipes from Two Sisters - Chocolate tart with vanilla mascarpone creamOur father happens to love a good chocolate cream pie. I wanted something that was a bit richer, a bit more fluff and less messy than the normal chocolate cream pie. I settled on this stunner from Fine Cooking. Living in the UK finding graham crackers is next to impossible, unless I want to pay an extortionate price at one of those American Sweets stores. So instead I substituted Oreo cookies (with the cream removed) for my base. It added just that little extra bit of chocolate. I also added 1/4 tsp of cinnamon in with the Oreos when preparing my base.

Black Forest Trifle

International Sisters - Recipes - Black Forest Trifle

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a dessert that you want to share with your friends and family, but only because you want to eat it all yourself! Grab a spoon and dig into this dish full of heaven. Say hello to the Black Forest Trifle from Fine Cooking. With ingredients like chocolate, coffee and brandy it’s a dream of a dessert. It’s relatively easy to make and can be made ahead if you want to enjoy a party instead of preparing during.

Just a little taster of the things we like to make. This weekend I’m redoing my ensuite bathroom and will do before and after photos so stay tuned. I’m sure little sister will be posting something country loving that I can’t wait to read!

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