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Today I Learned…

How to make an editable document in Microsoft word. Some of you are saying, “what the hell do I care about making an editable document,” to that I say, you’d be surprised!

Does anyone want to pay for the Adobe or Acrobat upgrade? Hell no. So Microsoft has this super secret additional tab that can be added to the ribbon at top. From this tab you can place fully fillable: drop down boxes, check boxes, text boxes, pick-a-date section, and much more. So to add this tab to the top ribbon just simply do the following:

  • Click file
  • Choose, options
  • Select Customize ribbon
  • And simply choose the developer option.

Viola! You are now a developer and master of your word document domain…. See what I did there? ¬†Go forth and redevelope the forms in your office! Be the front runner in making your office paperless, I dare you!

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