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The House on Cold Hill – Review

Have you ever had a book grab you in the first two pages and you just didn’t want to put it down? 

I read probably two to three novels a week, sometimes less, depending on my schedule. The last book that grabbed me in the first few sentences was Blood Canticle by Anne Rice, some years ago.

Before purchasing this book, I had never heard of Peter James, though I will never forget him now. I’m a purveyor of horror movies, books, whatever I can get my hands on. It’s the way I’ve been since I read TommyKnockers when I was in the fourth grade.

Walking through Asda, I did my usual routine, walk down the book aisle and see anything that grabs me. Yeah, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s more than the cover that grabs me, it’s the title. This one was a doozy. When a book says “They said the dead can’t hurt you…they were wrong” I just knew I had to have this book. I had to buy it right then and there, take it home and start reading it. That is just what I did.

The first few pages of this book are shocking, terrifying and immediately the book has you in it’s grasp.

The book takes place in England and some of the venacular are British but I found the use of words like “voicemail” strange when reading the book, since these are American-isms but it didn’t take away from the book.

The plot is well written and characters well developed. For me, someone with a Masters in History, I loved the back story and the historical connection of this modern ghost story.

If you are looking for a book that isn’t all sex, scare and watery plots then this book will definitely impress. I’m looking forward to reading Peter James’ next novel!

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