Organic Egg Shell Mosaic

Are you one of those people who is blown away by the beautiful mosaics of Rome, Greek, and Morocco? Do you say to yourself, “how would I ever find the time do make such beautiful art?!?” Well I have a mosaic hack for you!


Right now my family is in the process of building a chicken coop so that we can raise our own chickens. So I thought, beside eggs and meat what other uses are there for chickens? Ask and you shall receive! Mosaics using the egg shells that many people toss away. (In some countries only brown eggs are available and they work great too!)

Supplies needed:

  • Egg shells (all colors work depending on personal liked outcome. See examples below)
  • Colored poster board
  • Fine paint brushes
  • Watercolor paint (for brown or other colored eggs and more opaque paint is needed to get the desired saturation of color)
  • Black ink
  • Clear drying glue
  • Tweezers

Design to be displayed over shells (popular designs include butterflies, dragonflies, etc.)

To begin empty eggs of their contents and allow to dry. Peel membrane from inside shell (it’s okay if it breaks). If membrane is difficult to peel soak in warm water for a few hours and try agin once dry. Then paint poster board with black ink and let dry. Place small amount of clear drying glue on poster board and push egg shell bits down allowing them to shatter. Use tweezers or pointy utensil to spread she’ll bits out (based on your liking) allowing the black base to show through increased the beautiful mosaic feel. Work quickly as paste dries fast. Use all shells to cover entire poster board. Once all bits are set and glue is dried, draw on your design with an ink pen. Using fine paint brush, brush on color do not over saturate with color as it will blurry the design. Allow to dry and hang your art!

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