DIY, Decor and Crafts for the Fall/Autumn Season

Autumn or Fall, whatever you happen to call it, is my favourite time of year. You can smell Christmas coming on the cool, chill wind. The leaves are changing and beginning to drop from the trees and the nights are getting darker and longer. It may have something to do with all the orange in nature, as well, since that happens to be my favourite colour.

I digress, no matter the reason. I love this time of year. Crafts, decor and DIY are my favourite ways of sprucing up my house for the coming holidays and for this wonderful season.


Decor, DIY and Crafts for Fall / Autumn
Image Credit: Fancy Cribs

If DIY and crafts aren’t your bag there are still ways for you to bring the outside in. Autumn colours are fashionable to wear or decorate your home. Adding touches of burnt orange, browns and yellows will bring a feeling of warmth and intimacy into your living room or kitchen. A lovely dark orange table cloth is an instant update to your dining area. The choices are endless. Retailers like ASDA and Next have begun specialising in decor that is seasonal. I know that just the other day in ASDA I spied mocha coloured chair covers, burnt orange rugs and lamps and a few autumn inspired knickknacks. If you don’t want to use them this year, you can always put them away for next year, or closer to Christmas.

DIY Style

Fallen Leaf Mason Jars

DIY - Decor - Leaves - Mason Jars - AutumnThis is one of my most favourite DIY style ideas I’ve come across. The all encompassing mason jar has so many uses and this fallen leaves mason jar candle holder will give any room you feature them in a beautiful amber ambience when used. All you need is a few jars (any will do) craft glue and autumn coloured leaves. Real leaves work best since silk ones aren’t so transparent. This is perfect on the mantle above the fireplace or as a simple table centrepiece. Plus the jars are big enough to use anything from tea lights or votives. Extra points if you use ones that are autumn scented like these from Yankee Candle.

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

Cinnamon scented pine cones - DIY - StyleMany times we don’t want to burn candles or oil burners that are purchased because they may contain toxins that are harmful to our families. This project from eHow teaches you how to bring the beautiful scent of cinnamon into your home without harmful chemicals. It’s as simple as having pinecones from outside, some cinnamon essential oils and a bit of time. The scent lasts absolutely ages and is perfect throughout the autumn and winter seasons. As a decor item I placed them in a large cylindrical style clear vase. I used different sized pinecones, a few tied up with red and dark orange ribbon and piled them into the vase. It made for a perfect coffee table centrepiece.

Autumn Wreath

Autumn / Fall DIY - WreathI love the look of a festive entrance no matter what season it is. Adding that little touch just makes your home seem more inviting. This DIY autumn wreath from Liljor is no different. The wreath is incredibly easy to make and I can bet you have all the materials apart from wax right in your home (or outside it).

If you’re like Des and live in the middle of nowhere your garden is bound to be full of beautiful leaves in various shades of autumn colours. Get the family together and collect as many of these as you can. Now, it calls for long thin wire but if you have some old metal clothes hangers lying around these would be perfect to use for this project. Bend the metal wire or metal hanger into the shape of a circle, the size of the wreath you want.

If you want the leaves you gather to keep their beautiful colours you need to dip them in parafin wax. If you use any other type of wax it will leave a white opaque sheen on them, dulling their colours. Once you’ve done this, if you choose to then you start sticking all your leaves on the metal frame. Piece the leaves through the middle and cram as many onto the frame as you can. once it’s full up, bed the ends into hooks and hook them around each other. Close up the gap in the wreath by moving the leaves along and filling it out. Voila, beautiful autumn decor and it will cost you next to nothing.


We don’t want to leave the kids out of this (pun intended). In the UK, around this time of year, kids are out on half term break. If it’s getting chilly where you are, I know it is where I am, the kids don’t want to play outside. Keep them busy with some of these fun, autumn inspired crafts that you can use to decorate the house.

Painted Pinecone Door Decor

autumn decor - painted pine cone crafts - kids crafts

If you’re not one for wreaths then this simplistic painted pine cone door decor craft is perfect. Get the kids to collect a few of their favourite pine cones. Place them on a baking sheet in the oven at 200C for 15 minutes. This will kill any critters or bacteria that are hiding in them and will allow any that aren’t fully open to open up. Then grab the temperpaint. Allow the kids to paint the ends of the pine cones their favourite colours for autumn. Line them up on wax paper to dry fully.

Once the paint is dry, tie some strips of either burlap or an autumn coloured ribbon to the bottoms of the pine cones. Tie the other end of the ribbon to a ring that will hang on your door. Simple autumn decor in only a few hours!

Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments

autumn crafts with kidsThis craft is more of one that I would do with older children so they don’t go eating the salt dough. The craft is perfect for sensory learning and is a terrific decoration that also smells wonderful. The full instructions don’t take long to go through and it will be well worth it in the end. Cinnamon is definitely an autumn scent and hanging lovely ornaments handmade by your children is the best decoration you can ask for.

If autumn or fall is your favourite season there’s no reason to keep these colours to the back end of the year. Use them in your home all year long to bring in that feeling of intimacy and closeness. The reason we chose DIY decor to decorate our homes is because the best things found in your home are things that can’t be purchased. Things that are made by the ones we love are worth more than anything available in the shops!

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