winter fashion guide 2015

Winter Style Guide 2015

Autumn / Winter are my favourite seasons. No, I don’t particularly love the snow, but what I do love is boot and scarf weather!

Now I know if you live in Florida, you may not have the joy of partaking in this part of the style regime. Boots, jeans and flannels, lovely scarfs and fluffy sweaters. Take advantage of the few days that it actually gets cold. Not by trying to keep your feet warm in your flip flops or bringing a blanket into work or school to cover your bare shoulders but by being a style icon in your beach town if only for a day.

Ok, so living in England I don’t have the massive capacity, walkin closet that I had in America. So I’ve had to start living in “capsule” wardrobe styles. If you haven’t heard of the capsule wardrobe style, where have you been?! No for real, it’s been in magazines, social media, literally everywhere. We arne’t all the Kardashians, made of money and have the ability to never wear the same outfit twice. I’ve grown into the minimalist, the capsulist if you may. That may not even be a word, but I’m making it work. I only work with a few outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories.

Not only is it perfect for my house with no closets, but also perfect if you don’t want to spend a bomb, fortune, arm and leg on a wardrobe. Let’s be honest. Trends come in and out and by the time next winter comes around who is to say that this years clothes will work? So why spend a ton on it?

You don’t need to take my word for it, but why not browse my winter capsule wardrobe and make your own decisions?


I have two primary outwear items that I live by, both can be used in and out of work, so it works for life all round.

Outerwear - Fall Style 2015
Windcheater by Superdry

As everyone knows, the weather in the UK is less than acceptable during the winter. It tends to rain, a lot. This is my go to jacket throughout the year, lined with fleece and waterproof (ish) it is perfect. Keeps me warm and doesn’t look like an old ladies coat.

I also have a coat that is for the much, much colder days. Still by superdry, it’s fleece lined, dark blue and matches with nearly everything.

Outerwear 2 - Military Style - Fall 2015
Military Everest Coat by Superdry

Now these aren’t the best to wear inside the office, but I can’t see anyone trying to go from the car, bus, train to the office with only a suit jacket or cardigan on. Well at least a woman. I see them try, but I’m not freezing for the sake of fashion. Just saying.

Outerwear (other than coats)

So I had to put separate categories in because coats aren’t really fashionable, but I do have a trench and a suit jacket that I live by.

The trench coat is perfect for going over dresses with leggings, jeans or trousers. Typically, I wear something warmer underneath because it just isn’t warm enough by itself.

Outerwear 3 - Trenchcoat - Fall 2015 Style
Trench by Zara

I also love to have a suit jacket for in the office. I go with black, though I’ve been told to start phasing black out of my wardrobe because it is so last season, but it works all year, with any colour, so I’m sticking with it. Suit jackets are perfect to use with trousers or to dress up a pair of jeans so why not?

Outerwear 4 - Suit jacket - fall 2015
Ricki Techno Crepe Suit Jacket by Ted Baker

Ted Baker is probably my favourite designer of all time. My husband bans me from going in the shop in Nottingham because I always come out with a new handbag, pair of shoes, jeans, whatever. Because I just love them. Yes, they are pricey but they last and the quality is worth it.


We only need a few tops. I know, call me crazy but I don’t want to have to do load after load after load of laundry for the same look.

The oversized sweater – Definitely not a look for work but I love going shopping, to the movies and even out to dinner with my favourite pair of jeans. I accessorise with a scarf and my watch, but keep it simple. Whilst I’m showing you a sweater in a grey colour, I go for wine because it is more seasonal and adds a nice punch of colour.

Tops - Oversized Sweater - Fall 2015 Style
Oversized Sweater by Zara

I have a lovely printed blouse that I wear with skirts, jeans and trousers. I know that a button up shirt should be part of my capsule wardrobe but breasts make that damn near impossible. I look like I’m wearing a tent if I find one that is not pulling apart across the bust. I go for pull over tops that are dressy. Good for work and going out, just the sophisticated style.

Top - Printed Blouse - Fall 2015
Printed Blouse by Zara

Is this everyones version of fashion? Perhaps not, but it’s comfortable, sophisticated and can be worn with boots or flats, tucked in or hanging out, with a suit jacket or without. The outfit options for the printed blouse are endless. Take the plunge, by something printed, you won’t regret it.

Everyone must have a pullover sweater, not oversized. Preferrably in something other than black. Hey we all look skinnier in black but let’s be honest, we also look more morbid. Go with some colour, because winter is grey enough as it is.

Sweater - Fall Fashion 2015 -
Delilah Dolman Sleeve Jumper by Monsoon

Once again, it’s something that can be worn with jeans, trousers or a skirt. See the trend here? You want clothes that you can mix and match and create timeless looks without spending your entire paycheck!

Ok finally, you need a good tank / cami to go under a button up shirt, suit jacket etc to create that simplified look. I go with a white cami / tank every time just remember to wash it separately or it won’t be so white anymore.

White tank - cami - fall fashion 2015
Available anywhere!


So for the Winter season you really only need four bottoms. One good pair of jeans, a pair of black trousers, leggings and a skirt.

Jeans – I’m a real lover of dark wash jeans for winter. Don’t ask my why just how I am. During the summer, I came across this fantastic sale at Ted Baker and picked up a light wash and a dark wash pair so I’m set year round.

Bottoms - Fashion Fall 2015
HIghje High Wasted Dark Wash Jeans by Ted Baker

If your office isn’t keen on jeans I would suggest having two pairs of trousers (I do). While I was home in America I picked up two pairs of black trousers, one by Michael Kors and one by BCBG. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find BCBG here in the UK, the Michael Kors trousers can be picked up and will cost around £425. If you have family in the US, have them pick you up a pair at Ross or TJ Maxx for a cool $15. Even with shipping it still cost less than it does to buy here.

Fall Fashion - Tapered Trousers - 2015
Black tapered trousers by Micahel Kors

They are incredibly soft and comfortable. I wear them with heels, flats and boots. If you can shell out £425 for a pair then more power to you, I instead will bring them home with me from the US!

We all know what leggings look like. Word of caution – PLEASE do not wear leggings as pants (or trousers). They are not such. Your butt, bum, bottom, tush is meant to be covered and NO ONE wants to see your thong. Doesn’t matter how big or small you are, cover your ass.

Finally, a good skirt. I like a plain grey skirt that can go with any colour top, with or without leggings and always looks sophisticated. Another good choice would be black, but I’m trying to steer clear of black!

Fall Fashion - Perfect Skirt - 2015
Plain Grey Skirt by Paul Smith Black Label


If you are a women who doesn’t love shoes, well I didn’t even know you existed! I love shoes, but my husband doesn’t like me to have hundreds of pairs around the house so I’ve started downsizing. Cue the cinematic sadness music.

For winter I tend to have two pairs of full size boots, a pair of ankle boots and two pairs of flats. I also have a pair of trainers but they aren’t for style purposes. I’m not one of those girls who rock converse on a night out (sorry).

Two of my pairs of boots come from Red or Dead. They are the exact same colour, one is this full size boot, the other is an  ankle boot. I love both pairs

Boots - Fall Fashion - 2015
Meadow Boots by Red or Dead

My other full size pair of boots are in Brown, because not everything goes with black boots, so you have to have another colour and brown works best for me. I also bought these in America at a steal but you can pick them up for around £135 from House of Fraser.

Shoes - Fall Fashion - 2015 - Brown Boots
Jupitr-f Heed Boots by Steve Madden

These are fab, warm and go with literally everything. I wear them with skirts and jeans, not so much trousers. My only suggestion would be to put water bottles in the legs when you aren’t wearing them to keep them from flopping over and getting creases.

Bags and Accessories

Now let’s be honest here, I dont have the space or time to list all the bags and accessories I wear. I’m one of those women that have more handbags than shoes. It’s just a fact of life.

My go to’s for my fall fashion wardrobe are my Michael Kors handbag in black, my Ted Baker patent leather big bag, my Mulberry bag in brown and a small black Ted Baker bag for nights when I go out. Yes, I spend a lot on my bags, but I don’t buy bags often so they need to last and look superb.

My accessories are simple. I’m not one of those women with loads of costume jewelry. I can never find anything that doesn’t seem to look absolutely ridiculous on me, so I stick to a locket, one of my watches (Michael Kors, DKNY, Marc Jacobs or Rolex) I have them in different colours and match them to my outfit.

Scarfs – These are the ultimate accessory. Winter tends to make your outfits drab, browns, greys and blacks. Punch it up with a colourful scarf that ties into your handbag, shoes or just a bit of colour in your wardrobe. My favourite scarf is a black and red one from Diane Von Furstenberg.

Whatever your pleasure, tone down your wardrobe, reduce your footprint and remain stylish at the same time this winter season!

Disagree? Agree? Thoughts, comments or suggestions? Let me know!

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