The Stained Glass Hack

Many of us have stood in a beautiful church, or seen one on t.v., that had us in awe of the elaborate stained glass windows.

Their designs are ornate, detailed, and full of vibrant color! How can you do this at home without being a rocket scientist? I thought you’d never ask!

Materials Needed:

Clear spray acrylic glue

Elmers glue (clear and white)

Food coloring gel (black and all other colors needed)

Fine paint brush(es)

Permanent Black marker

Glass (can be obtained from an old picture frame) size of choice

Design on paper (must be size of glass, unless you’re able to freehand)


To begin, spray aryclic glue on glass to allow for glue to have an attachable surface. Now,mix small amounts of black food coloring gel into white elmers glue until very dark. Once fully mixed, trace design (which should be under glass). Allow glue to dry. Mix clear Elmer glue with various colors needed (one at a time so that there is no waste). Take your time painting each section until fully saturated with color. Allow to dry completely. At this time you are able to clean up any overage (the black marker also helps if a messy line needs to be bolded).

Keep in mind, this project takes patience and some skill.

Title Image Credit: Suzys Sitcom

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