DIY Christmas Ornamemts

Are your ornaments old and worn out? Refresh the look of your Christmas tree this year by creating new ornaments, even with some help from the kids! 
If you’re anything like me, you look forward to decorating the house for Christmas. I love getting all the pieces out of storage to bring the best time of year to the inside and outside of my home. 

However, since my husband and I are heading toward our 12th Christmas together needless to say our Christmas ornaments are on their last leg. Mainly consisting of handed down, very cheap, or broken ornaments. So this year I thought let’s take our Christmas decor into our own hands, refresh the tree, and make some memories. 

I found the best deal for fillable clear ornaments, click here. (Remember to leave plenty of time for shipping before the purchase of your Christmas tree)

Gather small Christmas-Esk pieces like: small colored bells, cotton balls, ribbon, tinsel, glitter, peppermint candies, handmade Christmas crafts(small), pictures, etc. (Glue may be useful in some designs)

Just a few ideas to get your artistic gears greased: place various seasonally colored ribbon in the clear bulbs when illuminated by lights will give off a great glow. Make mini snow globes (without the water). Use clear spray glue and line the inside of the bulbs with glitter. Place family photos inside bulbs. Accent your bulbs with complimenting colored ribbons to hang them on the Christmas tree! 

** One of my favorite ideas, use old CDs or DVDs break them apart into small pieces and glue the pieces around the outside of the bulb making mini disco balls (which puts beautiful light shows on your walls and keep your kids, cats, and dogs amazed) you can even use an accent color on the inside of the bulbs by spraying glue inside and lining with glitter. Careful of sharp pieces. 

Sit down with the kids or by yourself and make personalized ornaments for your Christmas tree. If you find that you have any leftover, these would be awesome gifts for aunts, uncles, and grandparents. 
The possibilities are endless! If you have a favorite please share! 

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