Top 7 Thanksgiving Day Hacks 

Because you should enjoy your Thanksgiving as much as everyone else.

Want your taters to be the talk of the table?


Add a little baking powder to make those mashed potatoes go from thick an clumpy to smooth and fluffy.

Fudge fingers smudging that handed down recipe?

Tape your recipes to your kitchen cabinets before you begin to prevent loosing or the possible destruction.

Don’t let those pesky pie crusts wear you down!


Freeze rolled out pie crusts (in the pie pan) for 20 mins; prior to baking. They will keep their shape and it will minimize shrinkage during baking.

Dried out turkey breast is a Thanksgiving NO NO!


Prevent dried out turkey breast by icing down the area before baking. The cooler temperature will force the white and dark meat to cook at the same pace leaving both color meats juicy and delicious!

Don’t dread the knead!


Freeze your butter and then use a cheese grater to grate it into various doughs (pie crust, biscuit, etc.). The cold butter creates a flaky and tender outcome and prevents the need to knead until arthritis sets in!



Don’t burn your pie crust, it ruins the pie! Loosely cover of the edges of the pie crust with tin foil, this will allow for the inside to cook throughly but not burn the sensitive pie crust.

Rack your BIRD!


Using aluminum foil create a oven burner-esk rack for your turkey. The foil rack will hold your turkey above the pan allowing the heat to circulate and better cook your turkey at an even pace.

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