Holiday Leftovers, YES PLEASE!

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away and I am already dreading the countless Tupperware that will be in my fridge until nearly Christmas. So, I have scoured the web to find the most amazing leftover dishes. Don’t get me wrong I love love love Thanksgiving, but the very next day the whole family is like… What else is there to eat? Check out the mouthwatering dishes for anytime of day that I came across….

Thanksgiving Breakfast Biscuit

We are a family that loves a good buttery flaky biscuit! Add a tasty egg, creamy mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (or jam) to boot and I’d say we have a little slice of heaven first thing in the morning! Try this amazing recipe and tell us what you think, click here to get recipe.

Turkey Dumpling Stew

For lunch, part of me part of me says.. maybe you need one more reminder of how awesome Thanksgiving is! That is why I chose Turkey Dumpling Stew as an option. This dish is everything we love about Thanksgiving (aside from spending valuable time with family) and all that we are thankful for that is on our plates that day; biscuits, gravy, turkey, veggies YES YES YES! Check out these recipe here.

Turkey Lasagna

   However, the other part of me wants nothing to do with another gravy infused slice of Turkey until next Thanksgiving. That is why the Roasted Turkey Lasagna looks delicious! The amazing taste of well developed sauce paired with tender noodles and delightful roasted chicken seems too good to be true.

Turkey, Mushroom, and Corn Mexican Casserole

     If lunch didn’t put you into round 2 of the Turkey/Thanksgiving coma, then dinner might! Who wouldn’t want a simple casserole as dinner after the most busy day of cooking and entertaining (not to mention Black Friday Shopping)??? Turkey Mushroom and Corn Mexican Casserole not only sounds amazing but is fairly simple to make. This knockout will have everyone leaving the table asking why you didn’t make it for Thanksgiving! Click here to get this powerhouse recipe.

Apple Pie Shakes
Apple Pie Shakes

   The grand finale, of this mega post-Thanksgiving feast, Apple Pie Shakes! I don’t know about you but I am the wife of a man who loves Apple pie with Vanilla Ice cream more than life itself! This would end his Thanksgiving weekend with the most heart warming (despite being cold) and filling dessert. Another simple recipe so that you can enjoy your dessert with your family. Click here.

   These are just a few of the amazing recipes. Not to mention, all of these recipes are family friendly. If you try one of these awesome recipes please share your comments. Also, if you have a recipe of your own that you would like us to review, we’d be happy to! Post a comment and we will be in touch!

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