All I want for Christmas is …. Books

Every year I ask my children, what do you want for Christmas. Every year I get the same answers the newest (game console), this (game) and $$££!

This year instead of playing into my daughters hands, she asked for a MacBook, hello you are 12 and no I’m not spending £700 on a MacBook for you to destroy it, I’m buying her books. I love real books but my kids prefer digital ones. So I’m going with Unlimited Kindle for both her and my youngest as part of their Christmas gifts.

If I was a fan of digital books this would be like a dream come true. Imagine having an entire library at your fingertips all the time?! This is unlimited Kindle. No I’m not selling it, and no I’m not giving you a link to buy it because that would be ludicrous.

My point is, with all the crazy shit going on in the world, if I can’t change the world for my kids I’m going to give them books to build their imaginations to a place where they can escape when the real world is just too bad, bitter, crazy and just not nice. I love reading and I’m proud that I’ve passed this on to my children.

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