Book Review: The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

I take reviews by headline authors under heavy appreciation when deciding to read a novel by someone I’ve never heard of before.

Such was the case when I was in Waterstone’s checking out the aforementioned book and saw that it had a terrific review by one of my favourite authors, Stephen King. Immediately it went in my basket and up to the checkout I was (despite having several unread novels already at home).

I’m a serial book buyer. I love books, novels, poetry any generally anything written that catches and keeps my attention.

I was looking forward to a warm cup of coffee, cuddled in my pyjamas and dressing gown and The Loney. The excerpt on the rear of the book gave me a lot to look forward to…history, based in England and of course terror / suspense.

I sat down to read this novel during all this hellish rain we’ve been having in England lately, so it shouldn’t have been hard for me to get engrossed in the novel. Unfortunately for me, this is a very religion heavy novel. Despite the fact I attended a Christian University I just couldn’t get past the serious Christian Extremism exhibited in the main characters mother.

I don’t want to give too much away just know that if you aren’t into Bible bashing “you’re going to hell!”‘s than this novel just might not be for you. Whilst there was a modicum of suspense, there just wasn’t enough and it left me questioning when the actually story was going to start. It is a very slow page turner about a boy and his brother, who I’m assuming is somewhere on the Autism spectrum – having an Autistic child – I myself could relate to. I didn’t understand why the mother treated her son the way she does or why she does the things she does.

I only finished this book because I never start a book and not finish it but it won’t be one I read again. Plot development was very slow indeed and unless you relish in ramblings from religion crazed individuals fighting over a church get together, this one deserves a miss.

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