Holiday Reads – Preview of “The Traitor’s Wife – by Kathleen Kent”

I’m back in the states on holiday, sitting on the beach relaxing with the kids. Whilst I brought a book with me, being the book nut that I am, I read the entire thing on the plane ride over.

Sunbathing just isn’t the same without a book. I walked in a local shop hoping that there would at least be a small selection of books. Happily – I was right.

None of the books that were on offer, I had ever heard of. So I choose something that had a bit of history, a bit of drama and combined both my homeland, the US – with my current home, the UK.

I’m six chapters into “The Traitor’s Wife” – I wasn’t even sure what the story was that I was about to embark upon, but had high hopes and good intentions.

So far, so good.

Set the scene –

The Colonies, United States circa 1650 and London, England circa 1630. We’re thrust into the life of a young woman, albeit a soon to be spinster if she isn’t careful, who’s father uses her as an indentured servant to extended family members.

Her current placement is with a cousin, one with two small children and currently with child. Her husband has gone off on a long haul and Martha, the indentured girl is to take care of the household whilst he is away.

We also briefly meet two farmhands of the family, one a Scotsman and one a Welshman, who are in the process of working off three years of labour in exchange for their own piece of land.

Betwixt the chapters set in the new colonies, Massachusetts to be exact, we meet a nobleman close to the king in his courts. Parliament is up in arms over religion, wars and the treasury. The king and aforementioned nobleman’s plan to bring the King back to the fold, make an example out of a traitor is for the nobleman to find the executioner who killed the previous king, the current kings father.

This is where we finally see the link between the colonies and London. The executioner fled to the new colonies, hiding in plain sight from the King of England. His name is Thomas – and he is one of the farm hands on our Massachusetts settlement.

To be continued…

This is where we’ve made it to so far. I’m impressed with the book from an author I’ve honestly never heard of. The plot is well defined, the characters – especially Martha.

I’m excited to hit my beach chair tomorrow, crack open my books and fall head first into the past with this exceptional read.

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