Finishing up – The Traitor’s Wife

Well holiday is over and so is my latest read¬†The Traitor’s Wife¬†by Kathleen Kent.

The cycle of book reading is an arduous one. You fall in love with the book, cherish through it’s pages, then it’s a mourning process as you finish the book – before you find the next one.

I read the final pages of this book whilst awaiting my departure flight out of MCO, and for me it just ended too abruptly.

**Danger Spoilers Ahead**

I hate spoilers as much as the next person, but in order to give a full review of how I felt about the book, some details must be shared – so proceed with caution.

The book had a really great build up with Martha and Thomas, first an uneasiness, not akin to friendship, then slowly friendship and then more.

Sadly, we get to the more part in an odd way.

The end of the book just wraps up the sending of “a head” to confirm a person is dead and a side note about Martha and Thomas’ wedding.

I felt like I needed more information about how “the head” came to be, how the holder of “the head” and the writer of the letter were in fact involved. Whilst I know they were part of a group of sympathisers, this was quite a peak in the story and needed further information. .

I felt like the ending could have gone on for at least another chapter and was a bit too rushed.

Other than that for $4.00 at a shop on the beach – it was a great buy and a great read.

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