Neverland by Douglas Clegg – A Review

Yes – I know, it’s been quite some time since I have written on my own blog. Apologies in advance.

My job requires me to write all day and unfortunately, by the time I get home I don’t even want to write for myself. So boring.

But since I’ve recently finished a book that was I obtained through my daily BookBub email, I thought it was time that I finally put fingers to keyboard in my own pursuits.

This month’s read was the riveting Neverland by Douglas Clegg. Until I was let in on the whole BookBub secret, I was dubious about novels that were marked as £0.99 or free. Fearing that they would be some sort of emotionless, story lacking romance-ish novel. Not something I typically read.

I read the synopsis on Clegg’s book and thought, hell why not!

Taking place in a locale that I’m familiar with I was interested how someone would work the Carolina coastline into a thriller/paranormal mystery. I wasn’t let down.

The book is written primarily from the point of view of a young 10 year old boy. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t the type of novel you want your 10 year old boy reading!

I couldn’t exactly get a feel for the time period – but the story lacked technology like video games, mobile phones and the like. Children actually went outside to play – shocking I know!

This isn’t your Disney story of Neverland, this isn’t Peter Pan-esque this is a mash-up of a haunted property and coming to age story. The main character is essentially coming to age as he deals with the horrors that are unleashed by his cousin – who whilst not seeming to be all there, is also very traumatised by what he’s going through.

The parents fight, drink constantly and the grandmother reminds me of my own. She seems to know everything, everyone loves her and she’s the matriarch of the family. At the same time, every one fears her and there’s a secrecy behind her weathered eyes that isn’t revealed until you’ve nearly finished the story.

For this novel – it’s definitely a good review. I was captured by the storyline, though slow at times. I still wanted to continue reading through the LSD type trips the characters go through – until all was finally revealed / solved / all sorted out.

If you’re lucky and you’ve found BookBub, don’t let the price tags fool you. There are damn good authors! Whilst this book was only a quid, I’d happily pay the typical book price of £14 to read another of his masterpieces!

On to the next……. 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz

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