77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz – A Review, Preview!

When you’ve read as many books as I have, it’s hard to believe anything can scare you…but this one has.

I’m about halfway through this incredible novel – suggested to me by my partner, a massive fan of Dean Koontz. Being a fangirl of authors of the likes of Stephen King, Laurell K Hamilton, Noel Hynd and such I was dubious as to whether this novel would be something that grabbed my attention as much as other beloved authors.

Since I’m dreadfully sick and my other half is toiling away up in the Highlands, I’ve got plenty of time to read on this dreary autumn weekend. Little did I know that cracking open this masterpiece I was going to be entranced from the very first page, reading for hours on end, not realising the time until I look up eventually.

77 Shadow Street has everything I could want in a great horror novel. I love any literature that combines scare with history. Call me weird but I get drawn in my stories of the past, and when past meets present in terror-inducing fashion, I’m fascinated, awe-struck and completely spellbound.

This book sort of reminds me of that series that was on the telly, Bedlam. Where people resided in a previously run down insane asylum. Whilst the setting of Koontz’s novel isn’t a former asylum, it might as well be with all the scary stuff that is going on!

Inside this formidable building, formerly a glorious private home, lives a plethora of wealthy clientele. There’s a single mother come song writer with her son, a woman and mother whose parents were killed by lightning and she’s the single parent of a withdrawn autistic daughter. You’ve got two wealthy sisters whose personalities are at opposite ends of the spectrum, a paid assassin, a shady former congressman, former marine come financial advisor – and not to forget the ghosts / spirits / manifestations that occupy this abode.

The book is written primarily in third person, except when writing from the view of the ‘ONE’ and another mysterious character. It bounces around quite a bit between the tenants of the building but ties it all together with one of the characters research on the property.

Not giving anything away – but if you want a book that will keep you up, gives you the perspective of normal, healthy adults on LSD and makes you want to read it more – this is the book you’re looking for!

I’ll be finishing this book tonight or tomorrow. Give me some suggestions in the comments of your favourite books and I’ll give them a read!

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